What is it that makes us want to start sport?

Is it an ‘identity’ thing or a need for social acceptance or perhaps a need for ‘fitness’.

Once we are in it, what keeps us going?  As a coach, how do you keep that spark of interest alive once the athlete finds out how hard it is to maintain the enthusiasm?

Hopefully we as humans will always strive to be better at something, so if sport takes your fancy there is indeed plenty of scope for improvement.

I have found there are two sides to sports performance, physical and mental, and as I am going to say a lot about the physical let me start with the mental.

Some time back I posted an article “Goals are for Losers”.  Briefly, if you set a goal and don’t achieve it you have lost.  Another way I explain it to my athletes is; If you want a big disappointment – have high expectations.

Life is a journey, and sport is the same but with more clearly defined markers.  So if you strive to be the best you can be you cannot fail.  But you will learn a few lessons on the way.

Performance is a state of mind.  You must be able to trust your body to do the things you have learned in training with a calm and clinical ‘state of mind’.  A certain amount of adrenalin but not too much.  A good dose of passion but not over zealous.

These things must also be trained for.  Learn visualisation (of your movements as well as ‘state of mind’)  Learn emotional control (I recommend EFT ‘tapping’ as seen on my facebook page Sport cheats).