Sometimes seemingly small fears can stop our children (and adults) from enjoying their activities.

There is a simple and easy answer and, if you learn that, who knows where you can go?

Hit by a Ball
Alicia had her own story to tell here One of the girls on the softball team used EFT during batting but for very different reasons than Adam. She got hit by a pitch in a game and then had difficulty staying in the batter’s box if anything even looked close to her. Using EFT greatly reduced her anxiety and she was better able to stand in. She doesn’t understand how EFT works and that bothers her but she finds that it works anyway.
[Even though I am scared of being hit by the ball…….]
Fear of ocean waves.
“The Practitioner told me”, chimed in Melanie, “about a favourite of his many experiences with children happened with a generally fearful 4-year-old getting anxious while swimming on the edge of the ocean and running frantically from each wave that rolled in.” The Practitioner began to tap on the spot under his eye as his anxiety level visibly dropped. He then went into the water and stayed, while tapping on himself whenever a wave rolled in.
After the first few waves, he was able to stop tapping and swim happily, only occasionally tapping on himself whenever a slightly larger wave arrived. “I noticed that this child was generally less anxious following this experience, and I received a drawing of himself in the water with a sad face, and then a happy face, signed with a “Thank you.”