Those little fears

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Sometimes seemingly small fears can stop our children (and adults) from enjoying their activities.

There is a simple and easy answer and, if you learn that, who knows where you can go?

Hit by a Ball
Alicia had her own story to tell here One of the girls on the softball team used EFT during batting but for very different reasons than Adam. She got hit by a pitch in a game and then had difficulty staying in the batter’s box if anything even looked close to her. Using EFT greatly reduced her anxiety and she was better able to stand in. She doesn’t understand how EFT works and that bothers her but she finds that it works anyway.
[Even though I am scared of being hit by the ball…….]
Fear of ocean waves.
“The Practitioner told me”, chimed in Melanie, “about a favourite of his many experiences with children happened with a generally fearful 4-year-old getting anxious while swimming on the edge of the ocean and running frantically from each wave that rolled in.” The Practitioner began to tap on the spot under his eye as his anxiety level visibly dropped. He then went into the water and stayed, while tapping on himself whenever a wave rolled in.
After the first few waves, he was able to stop tapping and swim happily, only occasionally tapping on himself whenever a slightly larger wave arrived. “I noticed that this child was generally less anxious following this experience, and I received a drawing of himself in the water with a sad face, and then a happy face, signed with a “Thank you.”

References & Testimonials

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[All References & Testimonials are kept on file]


Glen performed his tapping technique on me after my mother’s death.  After 2 visits, I managed to release the acceptance of her death as well as identifying that other issues I thought were big become very minor. I was then able to put things into perspective and foresee a much clearer path for myself.  I was amazed that after only 2 visits, I had such clarity and contentment.  Glen’s unique style enabled me to understand how such positive thoughts were so powerful. It demonstrated to me that it was so easy to turn negative emotions into positive ones.  I walked into GLen’s healing domain with a 10 / 10 meaning a full non acceptance thinking that this would not work for me. After his second session I was down between a 0 and 2. I have barely cried since and believe mum is in a better place at peace. Not only does Glen focus on the main issue, but also on surrounding issues as well. I have used this technique on many other negative points and they are now positive. Glen is living proof of his beliefs. He is a world champion in his sport because he is so positive and realistic. He has definitely proven to me that this technique works. Please try it. I strongly recommend a visit to Glen if u are in distress or even if u want to strengthen your positive thoughts. I believe that everyone would benefit from this. Thanks Glen you have really made an impact on my life.
[ M N  sunshine Coast ]
I first began working with Glen as a sprinter nearly 15 years ago. Our training was the typical combination of drills, starts and races but also included EFT and mental imagery. Glen would have us tap for ourselves, tap on a problem someone was experiencing within the group as well as tap for our team. The results were incredible. Within our small group, Glen produced some of the best results at every carnival we went to, including podium finishes at a national level. I have no doubt that much of this was due to tapping. I have continued to successfully used EFT over the years in my sport, to manage nerves before an exam, to assist with managing stress and to assist with recovering from injury. I recently had a refresher course with Glen in ways to use tapping to help shift a long standing injury. Within a month I went from being unable to lie on my left shoulder for more than 5 minutes to being able to sleep on that side for a night without thinking twice. The benefits and uses of EFT continue to amaze me. It is a valuable skill to learn and one I would highly recommend under Glen’s tuition.
[ J W  Sunshine Coast ]
“If you are an athlete ( or not ) and you have a desire to increase the standard of your performance, then Glen Wilson had better be on your agenda.
Glen has spent many years in the pursuit of of knowledge and skills that are essential to increasing the quality of performance and training and therefore the results
that an athlete can obtain. Glen is at the leading edge of the knowledge that produces the very best that the body and mind can output. Glen also knows of the
newest methods that produce results with the least amount of effort. Glen understands that true excellence is not in-born but is developed through
strong desire driving maximal effort until the best is achieved. A modern mind-set is of top importance.
Talent is a myth. Smarter working methods and enduring effort is what  produces top results. This is what you will hear from Glen.
You will also hear that the new Energy Tapping drills are an almost magical pathway through your blocks and self sabotages. These drills are really
on the leading edge of Personal Empowerment Practices that will enable you to power through any blockages that you may have been grappling with.
And as well as that, the same drills have the capacity to really charge you through to connecting with the most positive energies and states that are
already there within you.
You owe it to your successful self to connect with Glen now and discover how he can assist you to accelerate in the direction of your dreams.
Glen is also one of the nicest and open guys I have ever had the pleasure to associate with. Call him now!”
[ B T  Sunshine Coast ]


EFT Family in Sport. Stress and ‘discomfort’

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Over the years I have often noticed the connection between competition and ‘ilness/injuries’

This is a clasic example of psychosomatic stress and can be simply removed using EFT tapping.

Stress and Heat on Performance

David was finding a common interest with parents who were also friends of the EFT Practitioner. Because he was a Doctor one mother confided:
We first used EFT with Adam (my son) when he was 8 during summer baseball. He often had a stomachache and general malaise before games but desperately wanted to play. During the games he often got overheated and nauseous. Once he threw up. We had attributed the nausea to his heat sensitivity but the more it happened, the more it looked like anxiety. We began to use EFT before games towards the end of the season, which greatly reduced the stomachache and nausea. The heat sensitivity seems to run in my family.
[Even though I am anxious about this game…….]
However, now that the other issues are taken care of, the heat sensitivity is more manageable.
When basketball season came along, Adam (at that time, 9) was again having anxiety symptoms before games but really wanted to play. Again we used EFT and again had good results, even better than during baseball. I think that was both because we were more practiced at figuring out the words that worked the best for the treatments (Adam was more able to identify his feelings) and the heat was no longer a factor.
I remember one Saturday in particular because of twin problems. He had a basketball game AND he was to spend the night with a good friend (which he had not done much). He was very anxious so we spent about 20 minutes doing various EFT treatments both for the basketball game and the spending the night away from home. At the end of the 20 minutes he was like a different child. He was full of energy, excited, and free from stomach-ache and other anxiety symptoms. I can’t tell you how relieved I was, not only for that particular day but also that there was clearly hope for my child to have a less stressful life.