Do you have what is termed ‘the monkey mind’?

Incessant chatter in your head that stops you from concentrating on relaxation (or goal setting, or meditation).

There is an extremely simple method of quieting the chatter, with very little practice.

Imagine you are holding a giant fish bowl in front of you.  As each random thought comes to mind imagine it to go from your mind into the bowl.  when you have a collection of these thoughts imagine tipping the bowl right over your head and as they flow like liquid to the cervical plexus, the nerve bundle in the neck/shoulder area.  This junction for the central nervous system seem to have the ability to also sort out and deal with errant thoughts program manager on your computer. [pretty sure this came from Silvia Hartmann]

Sometimes these thoughts will try to keep us awake at night.  Usually looking for a solution that could not be resolved untill the start of business next day.  After you have delivered your thoughts to the fish bowl, instruct your body in this manner;

OK, all you cells need recovery, except for those who are doing repair work overnight.  Lungs, I am instructing you to breathe deeply to allow oxygen into the blood stream to nourish the cells.  Heart, I am instructing you to pump the oxygen from the lungs to the deepest and remotest corners of the body. Brain, I am instructing you to set your frequency for deep and peaceful sleep.

Once you have practiced taking control of your ability to sleep you will find that you have to be quick with the instructions to the cells, because you may be asleep before you finish the instructions.

(I am indebted to whoever first alerted me to actually give my brain specific instructions.  I am usually asleep within 30 seconds)